I can’t even describe the feeling that I feel knowing that God chose me to take care of THIS child. I knew he’d be special the day he made his debut. I was exhausted. I didn’t even see his little face for 3 days. His dad and I were extremely mad at each other when I went into labor. Once he arrived, he made everything else seem so small. We then knew that we had a 2 pound baby that we needed to take care of, and what we were mad at was so small. Baby Keon made everything better. I took my maternity leave and found a new home at Memorial Hermann Hospital. I should have been extremely morose about the fact that I could not take my baby home with me, but I wasn’t. I should have been morose about the fact that all of my friends were having healthy babies and mine was being pinched and poked all day. I wasn’t. I stayed at that hospital day in and day out and read to him. I dressed him up muliple times per day. I gave him “hoe-baths” in his incubator and I prayed for him. I’d been going to church all my life, but this moment was when I truly got my faith. When I got bad news, I found a bathroom or a corner and I PRAYED! I knew that his life was not in my hands. It was not in the doctor’s hands. I accepted that and I was faithful.

Keon had a “primary” nurse named Senobia. She was God-sent. Not only did I trust her when I was not there, but she even had other nurses looking out for this kid. I’ll never forget Melinda nor Allison nor Tyra. They cared for him like he belonged to them. They gave me the truths. They knew more about Keon than any doctor ever would and I am thankful. In that 4.5 months, we had all sorts of scares but it was always OK.

Every year around this time, I get all mushy. I know that my son was chosen. I know that he has impacted so many and so many have impacted him. I know he has a purpose. Keon just celebrated 6 years on this earth and he is absolutely my best friend. He is the most forgiving and caring person I have yet to meet. He does not hold grudges. He gave me strength that I never dreamed of having on October 3, 2007. He made me a mother.