I’m so excited about this post. I spent a couple of days in Texas City, Texas with my friend KeAndra and her mom after doing KeAndra’s bridal portraits. In the midst of that visit, KeAndra and I successfully executed a poorly planned operation. We looked at Mrs. Ivory’s wedding photos for hours. Mrs. Ivory (repeatedly) mentioned how much she hated her wedding photos. She said that she had a friend with a camera there to take pictures. I personally liked the antiquated look of them. Anywho, we never found the specific picture that KeAndra was looking for, but we found something better. A photo, taken of Mrs. Ivory on her wedding day that was an exact pose that KeAndra took in her bridal session. KeAndra framed them side by side and presented them to Mrs. Ivory as her gift on the wedding day. Tons of tears were exchanged and hugs were given. Stay tuned for the wedding blog post to see the finished product!